Athena Coach Update

ENCE Athena welcomes a new coach, Sebestyén “sebi” András, as Sead “Djury” Jahovic exits the team in mutual agreement due to personal reasons.

As our women’s Counter-Strike roster, ENCE Athena, started their ESL Impact season, coach Sead “Djury” Jahovic ran into scheduling difficulties between the coaching and his personal life. After discussing the matter, we came to a mutual agreement to terminate Sead’s contract and look for a new coach for the team. We now welcome Sebestyén “sebi” András as the new coach of ENCE Athena.

“Sometimes things don't work out as planned. Although it’s never optimal, we have come to a point where we need to change the coach for our Athena team mid-season. I want to thank Sead for the short period he was with us and give a warm welcome to Sebestyén.”

- Niklas “Willkey” Ojalainen, ENCE General Manager.

Sebestyén “sebi” András, Coach, 29

The Hungarian coach, Sebestyén “sebi” András joins Athena, bringing in with him loads of experience and talent. With strong patience and empathy, team building, and leading experience, he plans to take Athena to new heights and achieve good consistency during 2023.

“I feel honored to join such a well-established brand in the Counter-Strike scene, but I also understand the responsibilities coming with it. I will give my best effort to further build ENCE’s legacy.

During the short period that I’ve spent here so far, I’ve already seen that the girls have incredible individual skills, a great understanding of the game, and a professional mentality; all the fundamentals are there to become a truly successful team”, says Sebestyén “sebi” András.

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