ENCE Academy site launches

We’re launching a brand new section of our website dedicated to all things ENCE Academy.

Together with our digital development partner, Vincit, we’re excited to officially launch, a new section of the ENCE website where you can find all the relevant information and latest news regarding our Academy and Prospects programs.

“We’re happy to be able to display our Academy Program in detail on the new website, and have all the information regarding it in one easy location!”

- Eemeli “Woomera” Ikonen, ENCE Academy Lead

Here’s what you can find on the site

Info about ENCE Academy
The site offers info about our Academy roster and their upcoming matches as well as other Academy-related events and happenings.

Info about ENCE Prospects
You can learn more about our Prospects Program, especially about the ENCE Academy Prospects Player Path; an unique avenue for aspiring young talents to develop in their playing career and to have a chance to make their way into our Prospects Group. You can find all the relevant info and links to our Prospects activities, done in cooperation with Esportal. The site also shows our current Academy Prospects Group.

The website shows the different stops along the Prospects Player Path

Info about study and work possibilities
The webpage also has links to our partner schools, Jamk, KAMK, and Ahlman, which offer study possibilities for you to learn more about esports and how to potentially make it your career. On top of that