ENCE Creators Program & Welcome Rapsu

We’re happy to welcome a new creator, Rapsu, to ENCE and officially launch the ENCE Creators Program.

ENCE Creators is the next initiative in our ambition to help professionalize the Finnish esports and content creation field. As an active media and content producer, ENCE has valuable insights and resources to share with creators striving for a professional way of doing things. We want to grow, invest in, and support our Creators team and form a structured program with the goal of cultivating a professional ecosystem around content creation.

To help fulfill the needs of an active Creators team, we’re happy to partner with Noord Agency, an influencer marketing agency. They will help ENCE to harness the full potential of our Creators team and to offer them better opportunities and expert help in multiple areas, such as marketing and development.

“It's really great and inspiring to work with the biggest gaming organization in Finland. ENCE has been a pioneer in the esports industry for years and we want to be involved in developing content production and influencer marketing on Twitch. We hope to form a team that will develop completely new partnerships and perfectly combine brands and content creators.”

- Karri Kiuru, CEO at Noord Agency

“With the Creators Program, we want to help professionalize the whole gaming creator and streaming genre in Finland. Utilizing our great content and media teams, and working together with our partner Noord Agency, we help our creators grow their channels, improve their craft and give them more opportunities to work with some of the best brands in gaming and esports.

While we start the program focusing on Finnish creators, down the line, we want to expand to the Nordics and Europe. We are very happy to have the trio of Spamned, Eki, and Rapsu to kick off our Creators Program and can't wait to see some of the content these guys will do both as individuals and together”, says Joona "natu" Leppänen, ENCE Marketing Director.