ENCE is coming to ENDX

We’re excited to partner with ENDX, helping us add more fun to the fan experience.

We at ENCE are always looking for new ways to bring fun and engaging experiences to our fans — that’s why we’re thrilled to partner up with ENDX, a new and innovative esports fantasy trading platform.

“We are pleased to announce our collaboration with ENDX, an innovative and cutting-edge esports trading platform. This partnership offers significant advantages for both parties, and we are confident that our fans will be delighted with the outcome as well!"

- Joona "natu" Leppänen, ENCE Marketing Director

ENDX — Capitalize On Your Passion

ENDX is a revolutionary new fantasy trading game where esports fans can buy, sell and collect virtual in-game 'shares' from their favorite esports players. 

Although providing no actual ownership or control over the players, the purchases and sales of these virtual shares create a fun interactive game in which the prices of the in-game shares fluctuate based entirely on the total trader demand for each player.

By becoming an esports trader on ENDX, you can use your knowledge to buy and sell shares to try and increase your capital. Your passion, knowledge, and skill power the platform.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ENCE, as it presents a fantastic opportunity for both parties. ENCE has a substantial global following, and we believe their fans will be ecstatic to see their favourite players on our platform. By bringing ENCE on board, we not only broaden our reach but also provide the Finnish organisation with a fresh avenue to connect with its fans. We are eagerly anticipating working with ENCE and maximising the potential of this collaboration,” says Miles Lampson, co-founder of ENDX.

One by one, our main roster players will be added to the platform, and you’ll have a chance to add them to your portfolio.

Head over to the platform and start capitalizing on your passion!