ENCE suspends Head Coach Slaava "Twista" Räsänen

As of today, we have suspended our CS:GO Head Coach Slaava "Twista" Räsänen. This week he has notified the organization of a coaching bug incident dating back to 2017. After consulting Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) to further investigate the matter, we have decided to suspend him from his duties until further notice.

The investigation is expected to take 2 to 3 weeks according to ESIC. During our consultation, ESIC stated that we are allowed to let Twista act as a coach through the investigation period, but we have decided to suspend him regardless. 

While Twista has done a stellar job coaching the team at ENCE and we have no reason to believe he has had any foul play during his time with us, we take competetive integrity very seriously. Suspending him to conclude the investigation was the only course of action we saw to be right.

ENCE condemns any type of bug abuse or other ways of interrupting with the integrity of competitive gaming. We will wait for the conclusion of the investigation before further commenting on the matter.