Spamned, powered by Elisa 5G

One of the ENCE Creators has received a major boost to his stream from our partner, Elisa.

Spamned is an active streamer and content creator who focuses on producing content around CS. His streams are known for their relaxed and positive atmosphere, as smiles and laughter come easily to Spamned. Unfortunately, they’ve also been plagued by internet connectivity issues. Due to living in an area where the fastest networks, such as cable, are not currently available, he has struggled to keep his streams up to his viewers' standards, but now Elisa 5G is bringing his stream to the next level.

“It’s been almost two years that I’ve had problems with my internet connection, and I’ve worked on it a lot. I’ve tried everything to fix it but haven’t found anything to help, until now. Elisa 5G enables me to have a stable connection for the stream while keeping my in-game latency low enough to score highlights. Now I can work and stream daily without worrying about my internet.”

- Teemu “Spamned” Rissanen, ENCE Creator

The new generation mobile network, 5G, is significantly faster and more reliable than earlier networks, and it can also fit more simultaneous users without slowing down or getting jammed. With 5G, you can handle heavy-duty gaming and streaming, just like Spamned!

“We want to provide connections that best serve consumers in their everyday lives. 5G is a popular option. It is an excellent choice when you need fast and reliable connection to your home”, says Laura Soikkeli Head of Home connections businesses.

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