valde removed from the active roster; HENU stands in for CCT Malta Finals

Valdemar "valde" Bjørn Vangså has been moved to the bench from our active CS:GO roster.

Unfortunately, due to the roster having issues matching their playstyles together, which has led us to lackluster results over the past 6 months, we have decided to make changes to be better prepared for the upcoming RMR qualifiers. We are actively working on signing a permanent fifth player to the roster; more information about this will be announced later on.

“We have reached the conclusion to bench valde due to differences in his playstyle compared to the rest of the team. Unfortunately, it hasn’t clicked as well as we had hoped during the past six months, but we want to thank valde for his time with us and his contributions as a hardworking player and a great teammate. Issues regarding playstyles are hard to fix, and it’s clear we need a player whose style matches ours better. We give valde the highest recommendations, and we are sure that he will find a new strong team soon!”

- Niklas "Willkey" Ojalainen, ENCE General Manager

As ENCE is participating in the CCT Central Europe Malta Finals, HENU from ENCE Academy will play as a stand-in for this week. We’re grateful to have a pool of young talent to draw from, as this is a perfect opportunity for HENU to showcase his skills in the main roster in a high-tier tournament. This is one of the original founding ideas behind the ENCE Academy Program.

We want to thank valde for his time with us and for being an important part of the team, bringing in experience and professionalism after challenging roster changes. We hope he will find a new home swiftly and wish him the best of luck going forward!

All inquiries from interested parties should be made to