Vincit - A Dream Workplace for Gamers

ENCE’s partner looking for coders.

ENCE’s development partner Vincit is a Finnish tech agency focused on accelerating the digital business of its customers. Together with Vincit, ENCE is improving its websites, applications and more. Vincit is looking for the best talent in software development and avid players to join Vincit Kanaliiga teams and LAN nights. 

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Vincit as a workplace

5x winner of the Great Place to Work competition, Vincit is continuously applying a people centric approach and making Better Mondays for everyone involved. 

With people in Finland, USA, Sweden, Portugal and Poland, Vincit offers great career opportunities for various digital experts: UX design, software development, CloudOps, testing, project management and more. Always scouting for competitive players in their field of expertise, to join the happy bunch and be part of the winning Vincit culture. 

Numerous interesting job positions are now open on Vincit website!

Home for gamers

Vincit was founded by a bunch of computer nerds back in 2007, so it's no surprise that gaming is a dear hobby for many Vincitizens. 

Company's Kanaliiga participation is very active, with several teams playing CS:GO, one team in PUBG, and a victorious history in Rocket League. Even in these tournaments, the atmosphere in the teams is relaxed and casual, making it fun and not taking mistakes too seriously. 

As a part of the ENCE partnership, Vincit's Kanaliiga teams joined ENCE for a LAN event and private CS:GO coaching sessions.