Welcome Ahmet "2high" Baftijari

Ahmet "2high" Baftijari joins ENCE Academy as our new in-game leader!

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Ahmet "2high" Baftijari as the new in-game leader for our ENCE Academy roster. 2high brings with him an unyielding passion for Counter-Strike, as well as valuable insights as an IGL.

Joining ENCE marks a significant milestone for 2high: "To join ENCE is a special feeling. It's an organization with a history I have huge respect for. Great players have come through here, and it's everything a CS player could wish for.” 2high is eager to share his experience and expertise with ENCE, aiming to elevate the Academy roster to new heights.

"With ENCE, I want to achieve much more. Our goal is to be the best team we can be, win titles, and hit at least the top #50 HLTV ranking."

- Ahmet "2high" Baftijari

As an in-game leader, 2high’s playstyle is defined by his support for his team: "I look after my team, take on the hardest challenges to make it easier for them, and fill gaps where needed. I handle most of the 'dirty work' and prefer structured CS with good communication, teamplay, and strategies." This selfless approach and tactical mindset are key strengths that 2high brings with him.

2high’s active communication style in English adds another layer of valuable practice for the roster. Joining international rosters is almost a requirement for young players wanting to advance in their careers, and ENCE is committed to giving them the best tools to take them forward. 2high is working closely with our coach George "Whitey" White, making sure the team is well supported: “Having followed him closely ever since the original ENCE Academy tryouts, I’m thrilled to have 2high on board. His determination, bubbly personality, and pure-hearted selflessness make him a great addition to our team. I’m also really impressed by his recent mechanical improvements.

2high’s tactic book, principles, and overall playstyle have brought a new foundation to the team. I’m working closely with him to understand his tactical point of view and the new dynamic we are introducing to the young Finns. Now being able to communicate 100% English in every department has allowed me to give more of my expertise to the boys.

I’m looking forward to how we play with some more practice under our belts, and we’re super motivated to prove ourselves in the remainder of this year. #EZ4ENCE”

Join us in welcoming 2high to the ENCE family as we look forward to the upcoming matches, starting with today’s Appolo1 Series: Phase 2 game against NAVI Junior.

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