Welcome, Spamned

Teemu "Spamned" Rissanen joins ENCE as a content creator.

After our 10-year-long focus on competitive esports, we’re excited to finally welcome our first dedicated content creator, Teemu "Spamned" Rissanen!

“For a while now, we’ve looked into expanding to dedicated content creators, and with Spamned, we’re taking our first step into that world. He’s a natural fit for us as a Finnish CS:GO Content Creator opening us to many new opportunities in the future. Together we look forward to expanding our audiences and ensuring we have more fun and engaging ENCE content across all platforms. Welcome to the team, Teemu!" says Joona “natu” Leppänen, ENCE Marketing Director.

Spamned is a 27-year-old Finnish streamer from Oulu whose content mainly focuses on CS:GO. His streams are known for their relaxed and positive atmosphere, as smiles and laughter come easily to Spamned. He often plays with his viewers and enjoys interacting with them through games and discussions. Queue together for a fun session of CS or watch one of his famous cooking streams; Spamned will ensure there isn’t a dull moment!

“It’s so cool to be a part of ENCE and to develop myself by doing things even more professionally than before.”

- Teemu "Spamned" Rissanen

We’re excited about the new opportunities and content we can bring to our fans together with Spamned.

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