Welcome trochu

We are excited to introduce and welcome Maks “trochu” Trocha as ENCE’s full-time CS:GO Analyst.

This critical role was vacated by LOMME, who moved to work among his countrymen in Astralis. Now we have found the perfect person to fill the spot, as trochu can devote all of his time and talent to help our roster reach new heights.
We want to extend our thanks to LOMME for his hard work in recent months, helping us propel up the rankings and reach the Legends Stage of the Major.

“LOMME was a massive help to us during his stay and we will miss him for sure. On the behalf of the whole team, I want to wish him good luck in Astralis and nothing but the best for the future!”

- Eetu “sAw” Saha, Head Coach

The head coach sAw is looking forward to working with trochu

“I already have a lot of ideas about what we can do better and more effectively, and now with trochu it’s going to be possible. There's also going to be a lot of learning as we go but I am expecting fruitful cooperation. Trochu has a good eye for patterns and details which is really important for an analyst. At the moment he is maybe a bit inexperienced and unknown to the scene but we saw great potential in him. I think we can help him develop as an analyst and he can help us to grow as a team and reach our goals”, says Eetu “sAw” Saha.

Trochu has had a long career both as a player and a coach in a semi-professional setting, previously representing the Dr. Pepper team. After several years of gameplay with little to no success, he transitioned to a coaching role where he felt more at home.

“The role switch involved diving a lot deeper into the tactical aspect of CS. I analyzed thousands of games and helped people improve. Over this period, I found love for supporting a team outside of the game.”

- Maks "trochu" Trocha, our new CS:GO Analyst

As most of the work of a CS:GO analyst is only visible to the team itself, the role might seem vague and invisible to outsiders. It’s actually the very opposite, as an analyst takes part in most training sessions of the team, learning alongside the players and going through a lot of analysis. Having an analyst also relieves stress associated with preparation for upcoming games and tournaments so that the team itself can focus on other important aspects and therefore maximize the training efficiency.

“It can be anything that the team needs at that point - analysing the upcoming opponents, the team's own gameplay, helping with any sort of preparation, cooperating with the coach, and so on. When it comes to a tournament such as IEM Winter, the tasks don't differ much but communication and availability has to be there pretty much around the clock. The focus lies on checking out what other participants have prepared”, says Maks "trochu" Trocha.

Trochu hails from Poland, which is the home country of both dycha and hades. Having been good friends with Pawel for a long time, he recommended Maks to us, and we took him into consideration. Besides the close connections with our Polish duo, trochu has followed ENCE’s results as we’ve climbed up the world rankings.

Trochu reunites with an old friend

“The roster looks very strong with fitting roles and combines vast experience with incredible individual skill. I hope I can help elevate the ceiling even higher. I've known hades and dycha for years and actually worked with Paweł before, who was already a beast back then. Hades' grind has led him to become a sniper to be reckoned with, proving himself very quickly. It feels awesome to become a part of their journey”, Maks "trochu" Trocha adds.

“I would like to learn from everyone to further increase my understanding of the game, strategies, and everything revolving around CS. At the same time, I will make sure to help the team to the best of my ability, so we can grow together. Expanding our skillset can only be of benefit for the team and that's my primary goal - being as useful as possible to help the team reach new heights.”

- Maks "trochu" Trocha

We can’t wait to see trochu in action as we kick things off with IEM Winter, the last LAN tournament of the year for us.

Thank you, hades

As of today, hades has been removed from our active CS:GO roster and moved to the bench.

Eetu “sAw” Saha contract with ENCE renewed

The Big Boss is here to stay!

hades extends his contract with ENCE

We’re happy to announce that Aleksander "hades" Miskiewicz has also decided to extend his contract with us.