PUBG Continental Series 6: Europe

PCS6: EU - Week 2
06.05.2022 17:00
(EEST, Helsinki, Finland)
PCS6: EU - Week 1


It's time to kick off the first Premier PUBG event of the year, PUBG Continental Series 6: Europe! The stakes are high and the talent is even higher, as the best teams compete within their regions for prize money and the valuable PGC points, which determine the teams that qualify for the Global Championship 2022.

We opened our point total in G-Loot Season 5 earlier this April as we placed 9th during the Grand Final weekend. Now, with even more points on the line, ENCE is looking to climb up the standings and feast on some chicken!

PCS6 consists of 2 weekends worth of action, with 30 matches in total played over 6 days. The tournament uses the SUPER Global Point Rule format, which means both kills and placement points matter.

Our PUBG team is hungry and ready to play after bootcamping at the ENCE HQ. Tune into the games, starting on 29.04. 20:00 EEST!

  • 16 teams
    • 8 Invited teams
    • 8 qualified teams
  • Format
    • 30 matches over 2 weekends (6 days)
    • (SUPER) Global Point Rule Format