TeamLiquid StarLeague 7

Serral vs Zest
13.06.2021 19:30
(EEST, Helsinki, Finland)
Serral vs Neeb


Team Liquid and Shopify return with the 7th TSL tournament! Both money and EPT points are on the line as 16 players gather to compete for the top spot!

Serral has a bone to pick going into the tournament as his otherwise excellent performance ended in a catastrophic Grand Final against Dark. The 4-0 trashing must have left a sore spot, but luckily a new chance for the TSL Champion title presents a cure for the past. 

TSL will implement some changes into its format, which began already from the qualifiers as the number of invites handed out was significantly reduced. Only Dark as the reining Champion got a free pass into the tournament. Also, the overall number of players decreased to accommodate the players and talent better since the massive amount of games during TSL6 proved to be exhausting.

TSL remains one of the rare tournament series that has eluded Serral's mission of gathering all the possible trophies and titles. Will the 7th edition be the charm?

  • 16 player double-elimination bracket:
    • Round of 16, Losers Rounds 1 and 2 matches are Bo5 
    • All other matches are Bo7