Match SummaryCS:GO


19.09.2020 12:00
(EEST, Helsinki, Finland)

The regular season is over and we finish third in Group A after losing to BIG.

Even though both teams already had a guaranteed spot in the Playoffs, we got to see an intense three map series that could have gone either way.

Dust2 (ENCE's pick): 14-16

We started over on the T-side with high hopes on our own map pick. Things started to go south really fast though, as we lost the pistol round, and the three consecutive rounds before we could get a single one on the board. We couldn't chain more rounds to go with it, and we only managed to grab one other round in the whole half, ending at 2-13.

The CT-side on the other hand looked nothing like the previous half. After a successful pistol round the comeback was ready to begin. The next 9 rounds went into our favor, as our holds were unbreachable and our snipers came alive. Still, we ended up stumbling on the final meters before the finish line and losing our map pick.

Nuke (BIG's pick): 16-10

Things went fairly well on the CT-side and we finished with a lead, even if it wasn't our pick. A large part of it was thanks to Aerial's great performance, taking multikills left and right and grabbing 17 kills in the process.  

We started the T-side with a 9-6 lead, so all we had to do was to grind out the remaining rounds, which could be easier said than done on Nuke. BIG tied it up to 9-9 after a pistol round win, but there was no stopping us after that. 

Inferno (Decider): 12-16

Inferno hasn't been our strongest map recently, so we knew this would be a tough one. The boys fought hard on the T-side and ended up finishing with 6 rounds in total. An uphill climb was ahead on CT.

The second half was more even, but we needed something more to turn the map into our favor. Individual performance wise, allu was putting in a ton of work with 14 kills over 13 rounds, but it wasn't quite enough to get the edge over BIG's attacks.