Match SummaryCS:GO

ENCE vs G2

10.09.2020 19:00
(EEST, Helsinki, Finland)

Another titan falls on our path to the top in the ESL Pro League Season 12!

After seeing the result of the map veto, everyone knew this would be an exciting series to watch as an ENCE fan.

Train (ENCE's pick): 19-16

Starting on the T-half, it took a while for the boys to find their footing. G2 started by taking the first 5 rounds. Aerial and sergej were doing a good job of getting picks and opening up sites, but the executes couldn't come together completely. The half ended 4-11, but knowing their CT-side is much stronger on Train, the boys were ready to turn it around.

As one could guess, the CT-side was quite an allu show, but suNny also rose up right next to him in the stats for the half. G2's attacks were halted and heads were being clicked with ease, as everything came together to force the overtime. 

After the Overtime was secured, the momentum was completely on our side and it was smooth sailing until the end. 

Dust2 (G2's pick): 16-10

The snipers were out in full force on Dust2 and we were still riding the high of the first game, now putting G2 on their backfoot with a 10-5 finish on the CT-side.

Closing out the game turned out to be no problem, as our T-side specialist Aerial was again pulling out the big guns. 

MVP: Jamppi

Jamppi put in incredible work consistantly throughout the whole series, earning him the MVP spot of the series!