Match SummaryCS:GO


08.09.2020 12:00
(EEST, Helsinki, Finland)

GODSENT get their revenge and give us our first loss of the league.

Mirage (ENCE's pick): 16-12

We had a bit of a slow start heading into the T-half of our map pick, as we suddenly found ourselves in an 0-7 situation after the series started. Farlig and our opposing Finn, zehN, were both on fire and GODSENT's holds were secure. The half ended with a grim 4-11 scoreline. 

The CT-half was a different story. The whole team came alive to make the comeback happen, stringing together 10 rounds in a row to take a solid lead. We ended up dropping only a single round during the half. A lot of this was made possible by Jamppi and his incredible 17-4 K/D on the defending side.

Nuke (GODSENT's pick): 4-16

We started on the CT-half in GODSENT's map pick with an even rougher half than in the first game. Our double AWP was showing promise, but by the end of it, we only managed to gather up 2 rounds.

The T-half didn't go too much better. We grabbed a couple rounds on the back off a win in the force buy round, but it was not enough to get proper momentum going. It was time for a mental reset and an attempt to take it all on Inferno.

Inferno (Decider): 13-16

The theme of slow starts continues, as we quickly found ourselves in a 1-9 position on the defending side. Still, Aerial's great entries allowed us to push back and secure the familiar 4-11 scoreline.

Heading into the T-half, the boys were determined to make this comeback happen once again. Almost everything was going according to plan, and we caught up to GODSENT's 12 rounds. From there, things got a bit messy, leaving us just a little bit short from a shot at overtime.