Match SummaryCS:GO

ENCE vs mousesports

30.09.2020 19:00
(EEST, Helsinki, Finland)

We go down to mousesports in the Lower Bracket Round 1, ending our EPL Season 12 run.

Nuke (mousesports' pick): 4-16

This time we didn't get to start with our own map pick, so we began by heading to Nuke, mousesports' strongest map. Their expertise on the map showed, as we couldn't stop their attacks while on the CT-side. The halftime score was 4-11 and we had an uphill battle to take.

The pistol round on our T-side didn't succeed and mousesports capitalized on that, securing the next 4 rounds to close out the map with dominance. It was time for a mental reset and preparation for our own pick.

Train (ENCE's pick): 16-8

As one could expect, we had a completely different look on Train. Even though we lost the pistol round on the T-side, it didn't take long for us to get it together and proceed to win 9 rounds in a row. Jamppi and allu were the frag kings with 15 kills for each in the half. Mousesports was able to grab a few more rounds towards the end, leaving us at a 10-5 lead for the half.

Securing our first pistol round of the series was crucial to stop any comeback attempts. Overall we were able to keep things steady and bring the game to the finish line with a respectable scoreline. 

Inferno (Decider): 12-16

We started on the T-side, showing a strong form on one of our weaker maps. Despite the first few rounds going to the way of mousesports, we were able to take control and the lead with it. Leading the charge was Aerial, opening up sites for us like a madman. We would eventually win the half with a 9-6 score.

Losing yet another pistol round was a setback we couldn't recover after. Mousesports quickly tied it to 9-9 and took it to match point afterwards. The boys showed signs of a potential comeback, but fell just a bit short from breaking the economy of mousesports.