Match SummaryCS:GO

ENCE vs NaVi

04.09.2020 12:00
(EEST, Helsinki, Finland)

We take down NAVI with a clean sweep, a great showing in the first week of EPL Season 12!

With another victory under our belts, we now sit comfortably at first place in Group A! Let's see how the game went down.

Train (ENCE's pick): 16-9

As soon as our T-half on Train started, you could see that the boys were properly warmed up for the day's match. Similar to last time we faced NAVI on Train, Jamppi was in full control of the game and had no trouble picking off the opposing players. We ended the half with 9-6, a great start on our weaker half.

Our CT-half is where things got wild, NAVI brought it back to a 9-9 scoreline, but after that the boys were ready to wrap it up. It took some mind blowing clutches from our whole squad, especially a crucial 1v2 by sergej on round 20. At that point, the momentum was well on our side and we managed to grab 7 rounds in a row to finish off Train.

Dust2 (NAVI's pick): 16-12

On a day when both of our star AWPers are on fire, you don't want to face us on Train and Dust2. Starting on the CT-half, we managed to take a solid 8-3 lead, until NAVI's attacks became too strong to hold.

Momentum was the name of the game on the second half of the map. From 11-7, to 11-12, to a 16-12 victory, it was a battle of who could string together the most rounds. As expected on a map where the AWP is a very deadly weapon, allu was always on point and played a big role in confirming us the win.

MVP: allu

Everyone was putting up great numbers on the server, but the one that rose slightly above the rest was, once again, GOD allu!