Match SummaryCS:GO


16.09.2020 15:30
(EEST, Helsinki, Finland)

We couldn't take the win in this awaited rematch.

Dust2 (ENCE's pick): 16-11

As Train was banned by OG, we were still left with the choice to pick our best map, Dust2. We started off on the T-side, showing how evenly matched both teams are. Everyone was delivering on the server and so we saw a 7-8 halftime score.

CT-side on the other hand was much more dominant from us. The first rounds went into OG's favor, putting us into a 11-7 deficit, but after that there was no stopping our engine. We took the following 9 rounds with our IGL on fire, as he finished with 27 kills.

Inferno (OG's pick): 10-16

Things started to slowly go downhill after OG's pick. Inferno wasn't our strongest map to begin with, but the boys still put up a good fight overall, ending the CT-half at 6-9. 

We kept up the fight on the T-side, but couldn't get past the holds well enough or take enough impact frags to secure the much needed rounds. It would be up to Mirage to decide the winner.

Mirage (Decider): 4-16

Starting on the T-side, we couldn't get the momentum going at all. It turned out that mantuu's AWP is unstoppable on Mirage and we were no match, ending the half at 4-11. We were still hoping to turn it around on our better side.

The CT-side wasn't the solution, as we ended up losing our sixth pistol round of the series, and the rest of the rounds followed.