Match SummaryCS:GO

ENCE vs x-kom AGO

13.09.2020 19:00
(EEST, Helsinki, Finland)

The great EPL S12 run continues, this time with a win over AGO!

It took a second to find our footing, but the boys were on fire after the first map.

Mirage (AGO's pick): 2-16

There's not much to say about the opening map. We started on the ct-side, gathering two rounds in total.

Switching sides wasn't the solution to this problem, as we couldn't get a win on the pistol round and lost on AGO's map pick.

Like sergej said on his post-game interview, the team just couldn't get the game going at any point.

Train (ENCE's pick): 16-6

The stakes were high when going into the series point, but luckily Train is our Domain

Already on the T-side, we were looking like a new team compared to Mirage. Even though we lost the pistol round, once the momentum kicked in, we were like an unstoppable train.

Jamppi started really showing his teeth and was fragging left and right. A 10-5 finish on our worse half almost guaranteed we would see a third map.

Another pistol round loss on the CT-side, but that didn't start a comeback for AGO, as we took the next 6 rounds to finish off Train.

Dust2 (Decider): 16-4

The Train game was a sign of things to come, as we somehow managed to exceed that performance on Dust2.

Starting on the CT-side, our team play came together perfectly, and our AWPs were taking down names.

We wrapped up the half with a 11-4 scoreline, and gave no chance for a comeback on the second.

MVP: Jamppi

Jamppi takes his second MVP in a row on the back of a great performance on Train.