Match SummarySC2

Serral vs ByuN

16.01.2021 15:00
(EEST, Helsinki, Finland)

Serral and ByuN ended 2020 tied 1-1 in series against each other. With another 3-0 versus the Korean Terran, Serral now took a lead in recent head-to-head scores and advanced into the Semifinals!

✔️ Romanticide
✔️ Oxide
✔️ Lightshade

We got treated with a full-on five-course macro dinner, as Serral and ByuN transitioned into an explosive late game after 3 rax opening. Serral manages to contain ByuN well for the whole game duration, trading efficiently and keeping himself ahead in economy. Despite amazing micro and some great snipes from ghosts, this eventually results in a GG from ByuN as he runs out of money to rebuild the army Serral destroys. 

Game 2 takes us on a shorter route to victory, as both players go for early attacks, ByuN with marines and serral with roach ravager. The marines try to fall back to defend but they get caught by a zergling strike-force. ByuN has to defend with only a battlecruiser left as Serral swarms up the ramp, killing 19 SCV's. The early skirmishes result in a 28 worker difference in favor of the Zerg. Serral waits for the 2/2 to finish and ends the game with a decisive attack. 

The third game looked like a sure victory for Serral in the start, but a critical mistake from Serral almost costs him the game as he goes for a greedy attack with roaches and ravagers up a ramp, on top of which the Terran has already set up his quarters with tanks in line. It turns into a close fight in efficiency and micro between the two, but in the end, Serral's dream-like fungal growths secure him both the match and the series.