Match SummarySC2

Serral vs ShoWTimE

15.01.2021 14:00
(EEST, Helsinki, Finland)

Serral comes back from his holiday break strong and confident in-game despite his worries about being rusty before the series!

✔️ Jagannatha
✔️ Oxide

Serral goes for an infestation pit to push out swarm hosts along with his masses of roaches and queens. The only solution the Protoss has is to prevent the locust spawns, but Serral's army protects them well enough to launch 4 times into various bases, tearing down nexus and probes. 

ShoWTimE starts Game 2 with Void Ray production, while also setting up his economy for a templar ground army. Serral scouts out these plans as he drops lings into the Protoss main base, and advances straight for a big assault on ShoWTimE's fourth. Not even the massive amount of storms can match the strength of the masses of hydra baneling.