Match SummarySC2

Serral vs Solar

15.01.2021 15:15
(EEST, Helsinki, Finland)

Serral came close to advancing first from Group D but Solar's well-crafted strategy book proves too powerful, putting the Finns faith in the hands of the Deciders' Match

❌ Jagannatha
✔️ Submarine
❌ Oxide

Solar skips his baneling nest and goes for an early ling push into Serral's third expansion. Solar successfully picks off the two defending banelings, a queen and the third base, setting himself into a huge advantage. Serral is forced to try an all-in counterattack with lings, but Solar's roaches are already ready to squish the last resistance the Finn can muster.

Solar goes for 2 base mutalisk play in the second game, and Serral sets up defenses with queens and spores. The mutalisks pose a mild annoyance and hinder Serral's vision around the map, but the main engagements come from the roach ravager armies. Serral plays the whole game from a slight disadvantage but trades so efficiently that he slowly builds up momentum, finally getting overwhelming damage output from his hydralisks and tieing the series 1-1.

Oxide plays out very similar to Game one, and Solar gains against the advantage by killing Serral's third and defends the follow-up attack with roaches. Serral tries to go for mutalisks, but as Solars roaches advance in they're not enough to defend, resulting in the loss of 16 drones. Finally Solar puts the last nail on the coffin by catching the mutalisks in a clump with a fungal, finishing them with hydralisks.