Match SummarySC2

Serral vs Stats

15.01.2021 17:00
(EEST, Helsinki, Finland)

Serral cruises through the Deciders' Match with a quick 2-0, advancing into the Playoffs from Group D!

✔️ Pillars of Gold
✔️ Lightshade

Another ZvP means we got to see more swarm hosts in the Group Stage! Serral sets up a landing strip for his locusts to fly into Stats main, getting the kill but losing the rest of his army doing so. Stats tries to capitalize on his momentum and moves out with stalkers, targeting, and taking down Serral's fourth. Unfortunate positioning puts his army in an opportune spot for Serral as the Zerg gets a flank on the stalkers and disruptors with a locust wave.

Serral catches Stats' adepts in a nice wraparound and sends them back home with their hp and shields low. He feels his kill instinct tingle and moves out with a mass of lings, queens, and some roach/ravagers. Serral marches past the forcefields and Stats has no way out of the series but GG.