Match SummarySC2

Serral vs TY

17.01.2021 14:00
(EEST, Helsinki, Finland)

Another world-class Terran falls before the might of Serral, and he advances into the Grand Finals with a perfect score in the Playoffs so far!

✔️ Pillars of Gold
✔️ Lightshade
✔️ Deathaura

Serral starts the series off with baneling drops and a nice amount of SCV kills, but TY meanwhile advances to attack Serral, who is unable to clean it up completely. TY kills the 4th hatchery, but Serral manages to make a comeback after he catches TY's army with a hydra ling bane flank and continues on to kill the 3rd Terran base. After this, Serral also prevents TY from expanding to a 5th location, while lings also find their way into the main base and natural.

TY goes for a greedy opening that doesn't get punished. He moves to clean creep and sieges on the high ground. This proves to be a fatal move as the sieged up forces get absolutely destroyed as Serral's army rolls in. Serral starts to accumulate a bank and has the more expensive army on the ground, putting himself in a nice position going forwards. TY finally finds an opening to kill the top right hatchery, but he is unable to rebuild the army he loses in the process. Serral's push with ultras wreaks havoc and the 100 lings that swarm to follow it, force a GG from the Terran.

Serral goes for early lings with speed, they pick off 4 marines, almost threatening to end the game there, but TY gets out 2 hellions just in time to defend. Serral opts for a more aggressive playstyle with mutalisks, and he uses them in combination with zerglings to force TY to fall back from a nice position to save his natural and main bases. TY gets many good engagements with his upgrade lead, but once Serral's upgrades kick in, he gets the more efficient trades, ultimately resulting in a 3-0 series victory.