Miro Ruotsi
Age: 21
Location: Valkeakoski, FI

Rustanmar is one of the original members of the ENCE PUBG lineup. He’s the calm thinker of the group, but once the going gets tough, he holds the cards in his hands. His excellent shooting skills combined with smart gameplay decisions are a lethal combination in the field. He doesn’t shy away from fair duels and is impossible to shake into a bad mindset.

Rustanmar has a hunger to win and to succeed, and works hard for the results. Despite his young age, Rustanmar has played the game since the start and knows every trick in the book. Although he is often a quiet player, whenever this trickster opens his mouth ingame, it’s like listening to an encyclopedia.

You can trust in Rustanmar like you can trust in the 8th President of Finland, Urho Kaleva Kekkonen.

Saku “Skuijke” Sajakoski, Teammate

Career Highlights

PUBG Finland - PSL Season 6
PGS: Berlin - Europe Finals
LanTrek 2020
PEL Promotion 2020 - Phase 1
PUBG Finland - PSL Season 3
PEL 2019 Phase 1
PEL - Closed Qualifier
Nordic Esports League S1
ESL PUBG Masters 2021 Europe Spring

Personal career highlight: PUBG Europe League - Closed Qualifier

“Qualifying for the PUBG European League in Minsk meant that I could start playing PUBG professionally.”