Eetu Saha
Age: 31
Location: Turku, FI

sAw has been a long-time fan of the CS franchise, having started with 1.6 all the way back in 2004. His first touch with competitive play was in 2010 with CS: Source when he participated in his first-ever LAN event. The interest carried on to CS:GO, where sAw would lead various Finnish teams to victory over the years.

In 2020, sAw retired from professional play and started a new chapter as a coach. In ENCE, he is the heart, soul, and brain standing behind the team. sAw aims to regain and solidify the team’s place on the top and emphasize creating a base for long-term development.

sAw considers ENCE’s international lineup a good combination of up-and-coming talents and experienced veterans. The team has both the firepower and the understanding of the game, allowing for great versatility in the team’s tactics and player roles.

2021 was a great demonstration of sAw’s ability to guide and lead the team. Focusing on long-term development, the roster started to pick up more and more steam as the year went on, taking tournament victories, having great runs in big events, and peaking as the #7 in the official HLTV team rankings. In sAw’s eyes, the work has only begun.

I think we are very lucky to work with Eetu. A lot of coaches in the scene are either good tactically or socially. With Eetu, you get both. He is World Class and helps me keep my cool when needed while elevating my calling and overall game. I think Eetu is the rock of the team, and I can’t see how we could ever find someone else on his level.

Marco "Snappi" Pfeiffer, Teammate