Saku Sajakoski
Age: 30
Location: Tampere, FI

Some say that the Team Captain, Skuijke, represents the team’s soul inside the game and outside. He’s been with ENCE PUBG lineup since the start, and saw the triumph of the PEL Phase 1 along with Rustanmar. He puts his heart into the game and gets the rest of his teammates hyped up for the action. He’s also a long time streamer.

Saku can be described as a sort of a “father figure” in the team. He has great game knowledge and knows how to use it effectively by staying aware of the dangers while keeping the focus on the important things

Olli “Tiikzu” Saarikoski, Teammate

Career Highlights

PUBG Finland - PSL Season 6
PGS: Berlin - Europe Finals
LanTrek 2020
PEL Promotion 2020 - Phase 1
PEL 2019 Phase 1
PEL - Closed Qualifier
Nordic Esports League S1
ESL PUBG Masters 2021 Europe Spring

Personal career highlight: PGS: Berlin - Europe Finals

The final game of PGS: Berlin - Europe Finals was our last chance to qualify for the main event and we managed to do it with a chicken dinner. We had worked so hard, and so many good and bad moments had happened before it, so all our emotions just poured out.”