Maks Trocha
Age: 26
Location: Berlin, DE

Originally hailing from Poland, Maks "trochu" Trocha is one of the forces working tirelessly behind the scenes, analyzing the opponents and helping the team in every possible way.

Playing games for most of his life and finding his passion in CS:GO, trochu has previously competed in the Polish semi-professional scene. Failing to find any real success as a player, trochu soon realized he took more pleasure in the analytical side of CS:GO. Starting out with individual coaching on the side, he gradually shifted his focus to analyzing and helping other players with their development and strategy, finding the love for supporting a team outside the game.

Joining ENCE, trochu made a huge leap from the national semi-pro level to the top of international CS. He shares a close bond with his countrymen, dycha and hades, and has even worked together with dycha previously.

His role in ENCE is to analyze the team’s gameplay, the opponents, and help with preparation. In his eyes, trochu is not only an analyst but aims to be the biggest support within his role, helping the team and the coach with whatever they might need.

Trochu aims to both increase his understanding of the game and also help the team to develop, grow, and reach new heights with the support of our experienced Head Coach sAw.

Trochu has a good eye for patterns and details which is really important for an analyst. At the moment he is maybe a bit inexperienced and unknown to the scene but we saw great potential in him. I think we can help him develop as an analyst and he can help us to grow as a team and reach our goals.

Eetu “sAw” Saha, Coach