PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

On March 5th of 2019, ENCE entered the world of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) with the signing of roster o1ne. PUBG, one of the most successful Battle Royales introduced its very own League in the form of PUBG European League (PEL) which ran for 3 phases and saw the best of the best battle it out through a multi phase league to determine a champion. The heart of ENCE PUBG was located in Berlin, where the team competed throughout the year.

Prior to joining the roster of ENCE, the team made their way through the LAN qualifiers to be able to compete in Phase 1. Hungry for wins on the international stage, the team made an unforgettable entrance in the colors of ENCE. They secured the biggest chicken dinner of them all by winning Phase 1 and securing an invite in the FACEIT Global Summit. Phase 2 & 3 saw some bumps in the road, as the team finished 11th and 15th respectively. This meant the team would have to climb through the Contenders division to be able to compete in the PEL 2020 Phase 1. It proved to be no challenge, as they took 1st place and secured their spot.

In December of 2019, Tiikzu and D1gge3r1 stepped in to replace miikaz and TRYFFELI. The refreshed lineup started the year off well, by taking a win at the LanTrek 2020 Pro Tournament, as well as qualifying for the PGS: Berlin Major event.

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